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A Christian community for people who desire to be known by their faith and the habits their faith produce

Personal growth that leads to spiritual growth for christians

Fast forward 90 days and imagine you...

Have Heightened Self-Awareness Through TKDP Training

Achieve real change by gaining a deep understanding of your true self and your current habits. Your self-identity.

Cultivate Confidence in Strengthening Biblical Habits

Develop unwavering confidence in your ability to nail biblical habits, evolving into a genuine disciple of Jesus.

Craft a Renewed You with Active Self-Improvement

Become a true disciple and purposefully design your new habits to embody a healthy and biblical life, modeled after jesus.

Live a Life of Worship Based on Your Identity With Jesus

Shed the duality of todays society and embrace a life of active worship, firmly rooted in your identity as a disciple.

We are on a mission to build a stronger community of Christians

The problem we face as Christians in our growth is that personal growth that leads to spiritual growth is not taught to us. We wonder why we struggle with the same patterns, the same stress, the same disappointment. The answers are on the other side of growth, but we've got to learn how to grow. At TKDP we are firmly rooted in our 1 John 2 foundation. The evidence that we love God and follow Jesus is that we follow his commands. Put another way, our faith produces habits that show our affection and relationship with our creator, through Jesus.

It will not get easier to live out a life of worship in society. Distractions and even the persecution of the Jesus path is well under way. TKDP is here to help Christians develop deep biblical habits that lead to confidently living a life of worship, regardless of what society tells you about it.

Jump in. Let's learn how to grow and follow the teacher together as known disciples.

Unleash Your Spiritual Potential by joining

The Known Disciple Project Community!

TKDP community is a wonderful place for Christians in any stage of growth. Whether you are just starting out, leading in your faith, or struggling with doubt, the community is the place to be for Christians who are looking for deeper connections with friends, weekly lessons that help you grow, and deeper faith as the result.

Explore the TKDP, including online training, online community forum, and weekly community video calls, designed to provide inspiration, practical guidance, accountability, and a loving, accepting, and challenging environment.

There are a ton of reasons to join the community! Jump in with us today! 

Christian Community! 

like-minded Christians who are passionate about personal growth that leads to spiritual growth. Build new friendships and connect!

Online training!

Included with community, access the growing library of growth lessons where we share practical personal growth models rooted in the teaching of Jesus.

Connect with a coach!

Our founder and lead teacher is a trained coach, speaker, and facilitator with thousands of hours of experience helping people with personal growth.

Live Weekly Meet Ups!

Jump into our live weekly meet ups and hear a growth lesson rooted in the Bible and proven models for personal growth.


Want a deeper dive into coaching, connection, and accountability?

Join TKDP mastermind!

Our Mastermind program is designed for leaders in all walks of life. It aims to challenge and support you in achieving greater accountability, forging deeper connections with like-minded peers, and honing your leadership skills in life, business, family, health, finances, and anywhere else you are called to lead.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

Connection with other leaders and serious growth minded Christians
Cultivate lasting relationships that enhance your biblical leadership path.
Deeper growth and accountability in leadership and biblical disciplines
In a small group setting, spur one another on as we are called to do.
Weekly video meetings with a smaller group to dive deep and grow
Plug into TKDP tribe and lean on each other while we fight for our faith as leaders

Not ready for community yet?

Explore Our Courses: Grow at your own pace

Each course is crafted to address key aspects of your spiritual and personal growth journey. Learn to clear the roadblocks of consistency and clarity while working out your faith, living more consistently as we were made to, and modeling your life after Jesus.

6 Keys to Removing Barriers For Worship

Unlock your potential by breaking down obstacles in your path.

Coming Soon
Connection and Being Known

Deepen your relationships and find joy in being truly known.

Coming Soon
Self-Identity and Biblical Identity

Discover and embrace your unique identity in Christ.

Coming Soon

Develop habits that nourish your spiritual and daily life.

Coming Soon
Self Awareness

Gain insight into your inner self and how it shapes your faith.

Coming Soon

Learn the art of discipleship and how to apply it in everyday life.

Coming Soon

Mark Hummel, the Founder of The Known Disciple Project, is just like you. Mark is working out his faith, learning to grow as a follower of Jesus, and is passionate about bringing as many people along the growth journey with him as he can.

With a background as a trained professional coach, speaker, facilitator, and thousands of hours helping people with personal growth that leads to lasting life change, Mark started The Known Disciple Project to use these skills for kingdom focused growth. Following the calling in Matthew 28, let's build up disciples of Jesus! 

The Known Disciple Project is Mark’s passion project. In addition to TKDP, Mark is a business and life coach who leads masterminds with entrepreneurs all over North America."

Your spiritual growth is always a product of your personal growth. Without learning how to grow, we stay stuck.” - Mark

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